Soft Ankle Brace

1. Soft Ankle Brace pressurizes your knees. Let the muscles around your knees become hard and provide natural support for stability and endurance.
2. Limit abnormal displacement of the knee. It can be bent back and forth, and the abnormal displacement of the left and right can limit the death and limit the death and strengthen the stability.
3. Use physical support to additionally strengthen the knee support and share the landing pressure.
1. Fixed protective plate design
Focus on the position of the humerus on the left and right sides, fully suppress the internal and external valgus, and protect the ankle in all directions.
2. Heel buckle design
Provides strong protection to the ankle support in accordance with the free control of the tightening force during wear.
3. Eight-character cross strap
The comfort performance is good, and the elastic band can be adjusted according to the situation, and the effect is greatly improved.
4. Comfortable gluing pressure
The adjustable elastic buckle provides strong support for the ankle and freedom of movement.
5. Breathable and comfortable fabric
Lightweight nylon, vinyl fiber is ergonomically finished and more comfortable to wear.
1. Protect the product from wear and tear;
2. The material is flexible and reduces damage to the product caused by collision;
3. Light and comfortable, can also be used alone;
4. Stylish design;
5. Long-term use does not deform;
6. Dustproof and waterproof, heat preservation and anti-scalding;
7. Can be washed repeatedly.
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