Stirrup Ankle Brace

The ligament of the ankle sprain is loose or partially torn; the severe one is completely broken, and the ankle is subluxated, or the fracture is dislocated. After an ankle sprain, there is pain and swelling in the front lower or lower part of the patient, and there may be ecchymoses in the acute phase. At this time, the action of making a foot varus will aggravate the pain, and the foot valgus can be painless.
1. Curved plastic shell
The plastic case is ergonomically designed to fit snugly against the ankle joint.
2. Widen suede straps
Suede straps, widened for a comfortable fit.
3. Double side airbag protection
The airbag design increases the stability of the injured position and makes the affected area more comfortable.
Instructions for use
1. Put on the socks in a sitting position, step on the heel straps and ensure that the outer casing is coaxial with the ankles.
2. Fasten the lower strap and initially fix the brace.
3. Adjust the length of the sole strap.
4. Fix the upper strap and adjust the fixing position of the brace.
5. Properly inflated, it is a fixed ankle with a better fit.
Scope of application
The following conditions need to be used when fixed or limited:
● Ankle sprain;
● Ankle joint swelling and pain;
● The ligament is torn and loose;
● Severe sprained soft tissue;
● Rehabilitation after plastering.
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