Finger Splint

Finger Splint is an important treatment for hand-function rehabilitation and is often designed and produced by occupational therapists. A splint is a device used to brake, support, and correct damaged, thought, and deformed body structures, and to maintain and promote joint activity. The finger splint is used to correct the flexion contracture of the interphalangeal joint; the PIP joint extension is assisted (for example, after the central iliac crest repair); after the collateral ligament laceration, the PIP joint exercises; the anti-obstructive PIP joint flexion is provided.
1. Pay attention to the blood circulation of the limb: if one of the following occurs
1) Increased pain.
2) Numbness of hands and feet, numbness after activity.
3) The finger or toe activity of the injured limb is limited or causes severe pain when active.
4) The hands and feet are pale or purple.
5) If the injured limb is cold, etc., it indicates that the blood circulation of the limb is poor. It should be immediately reviewed at the hospital and treated by a professional doctor.
2. Do not loosen the splint privately to avoid fracture displacement or fracture.
3. Prevent the fracture from being displaced again, protect the affected limb after injury, prevent external force collision or other causes of fracture displacement.
4. Functional exercise: After fracture reduction, you can do functional exercise of the affected limb, such as isometric contraction and relaxation of the muscle, activity of adjacent joints, etc., and cooperate with various physical therapy to promote the disappearance of swelling and the healing of the fracture.
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