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The sports hand guard is Hand Support's classic protective gear. It is uniquely designed to follow the vulnerable parts of the human body. It selects superior materials and uses advanced production techniques to create superior quality. The band wristband can effectively prevent sprains and strains on the wrist joints and surrounding muscles, and has the effect of reducing pain and sports protection after injury, and is suitable for various sports and leisure sports.
Wearing fitness gloves can make training more comfortable and enhance performance.
1. Increase the grip strength of the palm The material of the fitness gloves can increase the friction of the palm and the fitness equipment, and can hold the dumbbell or the barbell more firmly, especially for the action of pulling (such as pull-up or deadlift). The effect is more significant. Some gloves also have a strap attached to the wrist, used as a handle to roll the device, saving a lot of palm power.
2. Dispersing the pressure to protect the wrist When performing the "push" action (such as push-up or shoulder-pushing, etc.), the fitness glove can spread the weight of the device a little and reduce the pressure caused by the palm of the hand. Some gloves also include wristbands that help carry out movements such as palm pressure or flats that support the body with both hands.
3. Protecting the skin of both hands Long-term fitness exercise may cause the skin of the palm to harden and produce lice (that is, the "pillow" as the saying goes). Fitness gloves help reduce the friction of the equipment and reduce the chance of oysters. I believe that every woman wants to have smooth skin, so in the fitness room, women usually wear fitness gloves.
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