Wrist Brace

The Wrist Brace tool refers to a piece of cloth used to protect the wrist joint. In today's society, the wristband is basically one of the sports equipment necessary for athletes. The wrist is the most active part of the body and one of the most vulnerable parts. The chance of athletes developing tendonitis at the wrist is very high. To protect it from sprains or accelerate healing, wearing a wristband is one of the effective ways.
1. The wristband is made of high-grade elastic fabric, which can be completely adhered to the use part to prevent the body temperature from being lost, relieve the pain of the affected part and accelerate the recovery.
2. Promotes blood circulation: promotes blood circulation in muscle tissue at the site of use, which is extremely beneficial for the treatment of arthritis and joint pain. In addition, a good blood circulation can more exert the motor's motor function and reduce the occurrence of injuries.
3. Support and stability: The wrist protects the joints and ligaments against external forces. Effectively protect joints and ligaments.
The elbow pads and knee pads are protective devices for preventing the elbows and knees from being injured, and are designed with a cushion or a hard shell. To reduce the weight of the equipment, the designer designed the elbow pads and knee pads to be lighter, more aesthetic, convenient and practical.
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