Knee Brace

Knee Brace is an item used to protect people's knees. It has the functions of sports protection, cold protection and warmth and joint maintenance. Divided into sports knee pads, health knee pads. Suitable for athletes, middle-aged and elderly people, patients with knee disease.
The role of knee pads has three points, one is braking, the other is insulation, and the third is health care.
Insulation is not much to say, the knee part is very easy to get cold, many knee diseases are related to the cold of the knee, especially in the mountains, the mountain wind is very cold and very hard, often the leg muscles feel very much because they have been exercising. Heat, and the knees are not hot because there is no muscle movement. When people feel that the legs are very comfortable to dissipate heat, the knees are actually cold. At this time, if you wear knee pads, the insulation of the knee pads can be reflected.
Mainly talk about the braking effect of the knee pads. The knee joint is the place where the upper and lower leg bones meet. There is a meniscus in the middle. There is a tibia in the front. The tibia is stretched by two muscles. It is easy to slide before being suspended at the intersection of the leg bones. In normal life, due to the external force. The effect, there is no strenuous exercise, so the tibia can move normally in the small part of the knee.
Due to the excessive pressure exerted on the knee by the mountaineering, coupled with the strenuous exercise in the mountaineering, it is easy to cause the shin to be removed from the original part, thereby causing disease in the knee joint. Wearing a knee brace can fix the tibia in a relatively stable position to ensure that it is not easily injured. The above is the slight braking effect of the knee guard when the knee joint is not injured. After the knee joint injury, the knee with the heavy brake can reduce the knee bending, maintain the straight line from the thigh to the calf, and reduce the knee joint. Bending, thus protecting the knee joint does not aggravate the condition.
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