Dorsal Night Splint

Foot edema is usually caused by cerebral apoplexy, brain sclerosis, spinal nerve trauma, sacral sputum, polio, neuromuscular weakness, etc., and there is no suitable drug or surgical treatment for this disease. Scientists can only use Dorsal Night Splint, borrowing external forces to lift the sagging feet, which is a very effective treatment to help patients with foot edema to walk normally.
When the leg swings forward, the orthosis can lift the foot, and it can prevent the sole of the foot from tilting downwards, thus avoiding the toe dragging, thus preventing unnecessary contact with the ground, so that the risk of falling is reduced, and the patient is You can walk safely again without having to make any compensating actions, such as exaggerating hips or lifting shoulders, to prevent subsequent problems, while the patient's gait looks more natural and can significantly improve the walking posture.
1. Long-term bedridden prevention of foot drop.
2. Reduce joint strain and improve foot microcirculation.
3. With decidual and fasciitis, plantar fasciitis.
4. Early knowledge, gastrocnemius tendon (runner sputum) and pronation syndrome.
Scope of application
Cerebral stroke / brain majority sclerosis / spinal nerve trauma / sacral sputum / polio / neuromuscular weakness.
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