Post OP Shoe

Orthopaedic shoes are also known as physical training shoes, and their main features are their anti-traditional high front and low soles. Putting on this kind of shoes can change the force of the soles of the feet, comprehensively adjust the mechanical state of the human body, and has the function of forcing the human body to move back and reduce the support surface of the human body, and is used to correct the bad posture of the human body, optimize and beautify the posture. Positive recovery of lumbar muscle strain, low back pain and cervical spondylosis.
Post OP Shoe is suitable for achilles tendon, fasciitis, and pain caused by lameness; bedridden patients prevent foot drop and atrophy; ankle fracture, fixation of lower tibial fracture and fixation of ankle ligament injury.
The finished product design can be directly worn on the affected area to avoid secondary damage caused by the type.
Adjust the flexion and extension strap to adjust the dorsiflexion of the foot in the range of 0-45 degrees.
With special soft padding to make the flexion and extension keys comfortable.
Medium pressure release lock for easy wear.
The main function
The role of orthopedic shoes (corrective shoes) is to improve the patient's state of stress on the foot when standing, walking, to avoid pain, to prevent deformity, to correct functional deformation of the foot, to provide support for patients with permanent deformity, to achieve balance.
Applicable to varus, valgus, clubfoot, foot drop, flat foot, arched foot, sacral foot and spur spur, subtalar joint ankylosis, ankle arthritis, hallux valgus, foot fracture caused by various diseases , foot defect, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis.
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