Arm Sling

Arm Sling is also called arm sling, forearm sling, medical sling, arm suspension sling. The device consists of a nylon belt, an adjustment buckle, a shoulder pad, an adjustment buckle and a forearm pocket.
Scope of application:
Clinical upper extremity fractures (such as shoulder dislocation, elbow dislocation, clavicular fracture, external humeral neck fracture, humeral shaft fracture, forearm double fracture, etc.), hand trauma, brachial plexus injury, shoulder or upper arm trauma, shoulder surgery After surgery, patients with hemiplegia and other diseases of the upper limbs should be suspended from the forearm.
It can make the upper limb fracture, hand injury and other patients who need the forearm to suspend the upper limb, maintain functional position, prevent limb swelling, avoid pain and discomfort, prevent forearm slippage and local skin ulcers and other complications;
The sling can adjust the length, the part is fixedly fixed, the shoulder and the elbow are padded, and the utility model is beautiful and durable, and the clinical effect is satisfactory;
Following the principles of biology and human mechanics, the local pressure is relieved and the forearm can be properly fixed.
Fold the forearm pocket in half, connect the nylon strap and the aluminum buckle, adjust the length according to the length of the upper arm to the injured upper arm to flex 90°, and the forearm can be used to lift the forearm.
Instructions for use
1. Open the package and bend the arm 90 degrees into the armrest of the arm strap.
2. Pass the strap around the back of the neck.
3. Adjust the position of the iron buckle and the length of the webbing to make yourself feel comfortable.
4. Pay attention to the blood flow.
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