Walking Boots

In the case of ankle injury (such as stable fractures, ligaments and Achilles tendon rupture) or after surgery, Walking Boots can be used instead of heavy plaster when the foot can be weight-bearing under fixed conditions. It can not only fix the ankle but also walk with partial weight, without affecting the healing of the injury, and at the same time recovering early. The walking boots are lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and are convenient for doctors and patients to perform skin and wound care.
The boot body is made of PC plastic, the bottom of the boot is attached with a rubber sole, and the unique sole shock absorption function effectively reduces the shock when the heel touches the ground during walking. The inner and outer sides are fixed with metal strips and a sponge cloth cushion. The replaceable sponge sandwich fabric pad wraps around the ankle and calf.
The wedge-shaped heel pad can be adjusted to adjust the height of the horseshoe, which can effectively limit the range of motion of the ankle. Support the fixation of the toe bone after the soft tissue tendon ligament injury, and the ankle It has a protective effect on the back of the foot and is convenient for skin and wound treatment. It can be used instead of plaster. High-grade imported medical material, anti-allergic, non-fading, durable, strong fixed support, not easy to loose and unload, easy to wear, light and comfortable.
Applicable disease
1. Fixed foot / ankle / lower tibial fracture, postoperative zhiliao (various osteotomy).
2. Severe ankle sprain, soft tissue tendon ligament injury fixation, toe bone fracture fixation; foot heel injury.
3. Stable fractures (calcular fractures such as calcaneus, talus, phalanges, and tibia).
4. Intrinsic ankle and foot surgery.
5. Used after the early removal of the plaster.
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