Cam Walker Boot

Cam Walker Boot, also known as adjustable inflatable walking boots, consists mainly of foot pallets, ankle hinges and calf brackets. Its function is to support, fix and protect the ankle joint; it can effectively alleviate pain and swelling, and can keep warm and promote blood supply; the ankle joint fixed angle or range of motion can be adjusted, which is convenient for patients to use in daily walking.
The utility model is characterized in that the airbag cushion is added in the calf support, and the push-type inflation valve with the air pump is provided, the air pressure is adjusted easily, and the wearing is comfortable; the positioning hinge-locking ankle joint hinge is adopted to facilitate the progressive adjustment of the limit angle; The straps on the feet and calves are made of Velcro, which is easy to put on and take off.
1. Inflatable adjustable ankle boots, this ankle boots have built-in airbags that can be worn at a comfortable angle depending on the angle.
2. The angle can be adjusted with the need, not inflatable, but the angle can be adjusted.
3. Inflatable ankle boots with built-in airbags, inflatable and comfortable inside.
4. Ordinary ankle boots, neither inflated nor angled, but there is nothing special about the internals compared to the above three.
Need to know:
1. When wearing, first tie the foot and the calf fixing strap, then press the inflation valve to inflate the calf support to achieve comfort and firmness. When taking off, first press the exhaust valve to carry out the calf support.
Exhaust and then unfasten the strap.
2. The limit or fixed angle of the ankle joint and the wearing period are in accordance with the doctor's advice.
This product is divided into large, medium and small.
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