Orthopedic Adjustable ROM Hinge Cam Walker Fracture Boot With Gray Color

Cam Walker ROM Walker Boot Air Fracture Cast Walking Boots for Foot Ankle Fibula Injury


4001- ROM Airliner Walker With Gray Color

Orthopedic Adjustable ROM Hinge Cam Walker Fracture Boot With Gray Color

Quick Details:

Item Number:  4001-ROM Airliner Walker                                 Color:  Gray/Black

Brand Name: OEM/ODM                                                             Package & Delivery: Primary Packaging Poly-bag

Specification: CE/ISO13485/FDA                                                              Final Packaging Carton   

Place Of Origin:  Xiamen, China                                                    Carton Dimension: 62*55*41cm

FOB: Xiamen                                                                                  QTY/CTN: 12/PCS

Delivery Time: Around 30 days                                                       MOQ: 200pcs For Gray Color

Size: S/M/L

☆Soft Tissue Injuries 
☆Grade 2 and 3 sprains 
☆Stable fracture 
☆Post-operative use 
☆Trauma and rehab 

Product Details:

Orthopedic Adjustable ROM Hinge Cam Walker Fracture Boot  have the inflatble air valve, It can quick release air valve promote blood circulation to avoid fibula foot swelling and enhanced compression and pain relief.

The range of motion function help to fix injured ankle foot in the early phases of a fracture or after orthopedic surgery and practice ankle movement during the later stages of recovery without buying another auxiliary support brace.

J-brace Rom Airliner walker boot is strapped to the affected leg and will help immobilize it in order for proper healing to occur. The intension of a walking boot is to provide the patient more mobility than a traditional cast. It is generally used when the foot or ankle is sprained, fracture or strained. It is important to properly wear the walking boot to ensure that the leg or foot heals correctly.

It with the clear dial lock number for the Orthopedic Adjustable ROM Hinge Cam Walker Fracture Boot , It easier to read and it won't fade after long time usage.

We provide great comfortable surface area and easy to wash.

Size Details:


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